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Chapter 328 Consuming Magical Beasts afraid drink
"Without a doubt." Yuan nodded, his gaze packed with curiosity.
Lan Yingying glanced at Yuan for any limited next before altering into her monster type.
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"I understand. Thank you so much, Yuan."
"I see…" Yuan nodded.
After consuming her 1st wonderful monster, Lan Yingying acquired the 2nd a single and proceeded to have that you in a single nibble at the same time.
Not surprisingly, the storyline didn't last for very long because Yuan hadn't been a cultivator for long.
Following green tea, Grandmother Lan had taken Yuan upstairs to the suites and said to him, "Considering the fact that we don't assume attendees, we don't possess any extra spaces. As a result, what about you talk about an area with Yingying? Her sleep is big enough to put 2 people in comfort, very!"
"Amazing… Where does all that go? Even if yourself is big, it's peculiar experiencing how well you adhere to a mountain of marvelous beasts and start looking completely ordinary." Yuan inquired her.
"I see… The outer entire world seems like an awesome spot. On earth, we cannot walk far too much or leave behind the Lord's Sword Aura or the demons are able to get rid of us." Lan Yingying sighed.
"Yuan, the auction ended," Meixiu said to him during dinner time.
"I could grow typically, but that's not the best means for us— no less than my bloodline. In order to enhance my farming basic quickly, I have to take other enchanting beasts."
Regardless that her procedure for taking in beast cores is different from his strategy, it absolutely was still quite amazing to discover other people who will 'eat' monster cores.
"I will cultivate normally, but that's not the most effective means for us— no less than my bloodline. So that you can improve my cultivation base easily, I have to eat other marvelous beasts."
Yuan viewed in interest. He never imagined magical beasts could increase in this fashion.
"I will be developing therefore it doesn't subject when i use a home or perhaps not," he responded.
Yuan pondered for a moment before nodding, "Acceptable, I don't know considerably, but I'll show you almost everything I have got skilled out of doors."
"Actually? How much made it happen promote for?"
After food her first magical beast, Lan Yingying acquired the next an individual and proceeded to have that you in one bite also.
Lan Yingying glanced at Yuan to obtain a simple 2nd before transforming into her monster form.
"The Iced Jade Zither distributed for 620 million $ $ $ $, and we have 558,020,000 us dollars following your service fees."
"Indeed." Yuan nodded, his gaze filled up with attention.
"Young male, how would you like some tea?" Granny Lan suddenly questioned him.
"Do you consider I can watch you?" Yuan suddenly requested her.
Yuan pondered for a moment before nodding, "Alright, I don't know considerably, but I'll show you all the things I had seasoned outdoors."
Following using a strong breath, Lan Yingying opened her substantial jaws before issuing her tail, decreasing the mystical beast's corpse into her jaws and consuming it overall.
"Of course, and it's not one thing I could pay no attention to," Yuan claimed, and then he proceeded to describe the Lan Family's condition to Meixiu.
"The exterior? What would you like to know?"
"I will be growing as a result it doesn't topic when i have a very area or otherwise," he replied.
"Is it possible to let me know much more about the surface society?" Lan Yingying suddenly expected him.
Sometime later, Lan Yingying went back to her man develop before you go back inside of the cabin with Yuan to ingest tea Grandmother Lan manufactured.
"I will be developing as a result it doesn't make any difference when i possess a home or maybe not," he responded.

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